Oia in Santorini, the most beautiful village in Greece
Photo by alexis


Couple enjoying the sunset on Milos Island
Photo by krilis


The Parthenon of the Acropolis of Athens Greece
Photo by greeka


Our guide to Greece allows you to discover practical tips and facts about all your favorite destinations: Photos, must-see landmarks, beaches, villages, hotels & restaurants, tours & activities, and a lot more things to do in Greece.

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Find the best islands & mainland destinations for an unforgettable holiday in Greece.
If you are looking for islands in the Aegean or the Ionian Sea, a mainland destination, a city, or an ancient site, we got you covered!

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Cosmopolitan islands, exotic beaches, lush green landscapes, breathtaking sea views, ancient sites... we could go on forever!
No matter how you imagine your dream trip in Greece, we are experts in helping you plan your trip.


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We've been everywhere and we share everything with you! So, we reveal all the hidden beauties, hot holiday tips and must-visit places, to experience your trip like a local!

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Greece & its islands are famous for 3 things: ancient civilization, amazing landscapes, and well-established tourism.

Really beloved by people, the country is so rich in culture and beauty that it never seems to be completely explored, no matter how many times you visit it. After all, this is one of the reasons that brought it to the list of the top 20 tourist holiday destinations worldwide.

The country has become a must destination, according to the modern lifestyle. Over the last decades, it has been visited by jet-setters, including politicians, musicians, actors, artists, and other celebrities with a significant contribution to the popularity of the country.
Our guide has gathered information about important aspects of the country.

• History • Culture • Photos • Beaches

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It’s time to cross off your bucket list the travel to Greece and its best islands! It is one of the safest countries in Europe where you can lay under the hot sun, visit exotic beaches, dip in emerald waters, stroll around picturesque villages, watch magical sunsets, stay at luxurious hotels, visit worldwide famous archaeological sites… The list of things to do is never-ending!

A trip to Greece and the islands is something you should not worry about. Whatever type of traveler you are, you will not be disappointed in your trip. Whether you like beaches or mountains, winter or summer, relaxing or partying, it will be the best choice for your holidays, if you are alone, in a couple or in family.
With an easy connection to Athens by ferry, the islands are the perfect places to gather precious holiday memories.
Learn everything about Greece and organize your holidays: How to get there and move around, documents needed, the best time to visit, reasons to visit, and more.

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